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An overview of IREP’S best-in-class Facilities Management Solutions

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A recent report by Fortune Business Insights shows the global facility management (FM) market is projected to grow from $1,249 billion in 2021 to $1,759 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 5%. This figure speaks volumes about the critical importance of facility management solutions post-pandemic. 

As countries look to develop more infrastructure and urbanisation intensifies, the focus on sustainability will increase. As a result, there’s likely to be heightened awareness of cleanliness and maintenance as hybrid working continues in some form. Thus, FM looks set to be even more vital to business strategy. 

At IREP, we are immensely proud of the comprehensive FM solution we offer globally and across our 49 offices. Our clients receive a tailored solution at every step, a service focused on their specific needs, challenges and desired outcomes. 

This article provides an overview of our best-in-class FM capabilities across several industries. These capabilities produce cost-effective, efficient and market-leading results for our clients. 

A Life-Cycle Facilities Management Solution 

Real estate represents the second-highest cost for an organisation. As a result, it´s important to ensure that your workplace is cost-effective. Your workplace needs to be safe, welcoming and efficient. If not, it will impact your employee retention, productivity and bottom line. After all, ‘experience is everything’. 

Being ISO accredited, carry out an efficient and effective delivery of logistics and support services for your property, infrastructure, buildings and equipment. As a result,  our bespoke facilities management turn your workplace into a high-value asset. 

Our skilled professionals reduce business costs and improve employee retention and operational productivity. Therefore, they positively impact the short and long-term value of your business assets. 

At our core, as a multi-disciplinary innovative business, we operate in every field of the built environment. We offer the following FM services: 

  • Building and optimising property and facilities management 
  • Managing your assets and energy utilities 
  • Hard and soft technical services 
  • Optimising your regional food security 
  • Commercial and residential lighting solutions 
  • Finding the right real estate to suit your business 
Seamless Facilities Management Solutions Consultancy 

To understand where your business needs to be in terms of facilities management, we need to know where you are now. We customise the service we offer to provide a client solution based on your business’s particular challenges and requirements. We understand that there isn’t one size that fits all. 

Our integrated approach centres around comprehensive collection and analysis of existing information, data and records. From this, our professional team develop a picture of the existing FM structure and strategy through our strategic review, which considers: 

  • Current methods of delivery, including service levels 
  • Procurement strategies 
  • Existing FM standard operating procedures 
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 
  • Fabric maintenance planning 

We then define what you need from your facilities management solution and FM strategic model. With this in mind, we provide you with the most optimised, cost-effective and appropriate tactic for your business. 

In addition, this model incorporates a risk-based FM strategy to cover short, medium, and long-term operational goals. 

Our Data-Driven Approach to Facilities Management Solutions  

What´s more, we are at the forefront of the industry regarding technological development and capability because of our fully automated self-serve business intelligence solution, IREPort. 

Through our data-driven capabilities, we have a proven track record of reducing clients’ operational costs by up to 25%, as well as their carbon footprint while improving and optimising service delivery. 

Furthermore, buildings are getting smarter with built environment data generated daily from Wi-Fi, sensors, meters, gauges and smart energy technologies. This data is critical and transformative in the ever-changing workplace and the future of effective and predictive tech-driven FM solutions. 

For this reason, we take this business intelligence and input it into IREPort, allowing us to audit and evaluate the inefficiencies within your real estate. 

Consequently, these results inform your FM strategy  enhance the long-term management of your portfolio, increase service quality and drives down costs. 

With 56% of CEOs stressing the need to achieve greater operational agility and flexibility across workspaces post-pandemic, the future of FM looks bright. 

FM professionals will become even more central to the user experience. Here at IREP, we look forward to being at the forefront of a sustainable and efficient future. 

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