IREP partners with international telecommunications company based in Bangalore, India.

IREP has recently completed the rollout of services for 28 sites across India for an international telecommunications company. Totaling over 238,000 square meters over 14 states, this is a truly pan-Indian project. Over the next three to five years of collaboration, IREP will bring the highest international standards & technology to the Indian FM market.

The aim of the project is to operate the real estate & asset management services of the aforementioned 28 sites. Many of these are 24/7 operations — requiring constant professional attention. There is also considerable variety of asset-type within the portfolio, as the project includes factories, laboratories, and corporate offices, among others.

The scope of the work is vast. Managing such a varied portfolio of facilities necessarily requires a multidisciplinary skillset. Some of our proficiencies being deployed include:

(1) Technical operations
(2) Housekeeping (HK) operations
(3) Transport services
(4) Front offices
(5) Procurement related to real estate
(6) Financial services
(7) Asset management companies
(8) Vendor management
(9) Administrative services

Naturally, a project is judged on its deliverables. With this pan-Indian project, we have benefitted the client in a number of ways.

Most notable is our best-in-class asset management software. IREP has deployed its own suite of business intelligence solutions, that will enable our client to guide, control, and manage energy consumption and utilities management. As everything is in one place, our client can control their entire portfolio using one standard process and methodology. This software allows us to target our efforts and, therefore, achieve targeted client-savings.

In particular, we have implemented a web-based energy management bureau. In order to control and manage energy for maximum efficiency, the technical facilities teams need to be in control of the environments and systems within assets. The IREP energy bureau delivers this. We have already reduced client energy expenditure by 3% and will continue to deliver consistent savings throughout the lifetime of the contract.

Furthermore, we have also put planned preventative maintenance (PPM) software into action. This software captures all raw customer asset data, analyses it, and creates PPM reports. This is another avenue with which IREP saves client money over the medium and long-terms.


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