Driving sustainability and social impact for the future

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The whole world is talking about it, the importance of the environment and our future.

For businesses that means us as well, as the pressure to meet constantly changing goals that impact the future is more and more upon us whether a small business or multinational organisation.

International Real Estate Partners (IREP) offer a new ESG service. This is an online self-management tool designed to measure the sustainability and social impact for businesses of all sizes.

We strive on profitability and resilience, therefore taking positive action to see the long-term benefits has become crucial.

Organisations who invest in and measure their sustainability and social impact are better employers, attract higher calibre recruits, scale quickly, are more profitable and have access to cheaper capital – that’s got to be worth considering right?

A solution for everyone

First of all we give you what you need – a comprehensive and accessible ESG impact measurement tool that is actionable and affordable. So, whatever your business size or industry type or level of understanding on the subject, we have you covered!

We measure, we design, we score and we report.

Our measurement tool has over 250 sustainability indicators, each aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  The tool covers  five themes:  Climate, Diversity and Inclusion, Social, Economic and Environment, thus allowing you to then communicate the sustainability and progress of your organisation.

Rather than setting a benchmark, we provide scores to measure the success of every unique sustainability strategy.  The easy-to-use dashboard allows you to monitor the sustainability profile of your company ensuring that as you grow, your impact grows with you.

Expert support in achieving your goals

We understand that organisations although keen to make the change don’t always have the in-house knowledge and experience required. That’s why with our solution you will be provided with the guidance and support necessary to ensure that your time and investment in sustainability is impactful and makes commercial sense.

Start the change now

Make sure you’re not left behind, make that change now!  Sustainability is accessible, achievable and affordable for all and not only allows you to make that positive impact on your business, but to do your part for making a better environment for the world of tomorrow.

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