Who we are

A potent combination of custom solutions, unrivalled technology, and a truly global presence, all leads to one thing: savings. For customer and environment, alike.

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Our History

International Real Estate Partners (IREP) was formed in 2013 by Kenneth McCrae and Kamran Abbas with the HQ in Dubai, UAE. Since its conception, IREP has punched above its weight.

The growth that was to come was both substantial and rapid. Scaling from 10 entities to more than 49 (and counting), in a matter of 8 years.

The 5 key pillars are; Property | Energy | Assets | Sustainability | Return on Investment

The overarching strategy that was responsible for this impressive start was ‘diversified diversification’: diversifying by clients, geographies, and service lines. All the while, IREP has remained committed to being a ‘boutique’ business that offers custom solutions to every client, every time.
Covering the globe, from Australia, to India, Singapore , South Korea, Nigeria, Morocco , Greece , UK, North America , Mexico and Columbia, we now traverse all 6 inhabited continents.

As of now, we are only 8 years into our venture, and we have exciting plans ahead. We’re only just getting started


As a team, the two are formidable. Kenneth is the strategic head, determining the vision and direction for the company, whereas Kamran is the lead for financial and implementation functions. Every transaction goes past his desk, and he is fundamental to making Kenneth’s strategy, reality.

Kamran Abbas

CFO and Commercial Director

IREP is multi-disciplinary, boutique, technical, and professional. We understand the needs of our clients in detail and customise our services for them. We’re also action biased: we get things done.

Kenneth McCrae

Chairman and CEO

We are lean, agile, and we operate where others won’t. Relentless in our innovation & improvement, nothing sits still here at IREP.

Regional Directors

Anthony Jude

Head of Business Development in India

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Kasthuri Manivannan

Global Head of Human Resources

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Central Management Team

John Samuels

Head of Facilities Management

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Paul Woodlock

Head of Operations

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Joy Giles

Head of EHS

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Christina Porter

Head of Business Development

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Xavier Pumarejo

Head of Transaction Management

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Sophie Ferrari

Head of Finance

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Regional Management Team

Rajeev Sharma

Director (Facilities Management)

Philip Stephen

General Manager (Facilities Management)

Wahid Khan

Area Manager (Facilities Management)

Satrughan Pandey

Senior Area Manager (Facilities Management)

Madhur Acharya

Head of Procurement

Devi Prasad

Senior Manager – EHS

ISO Accreditation

Our global expertise is recognised by the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO). We hold the following credentials:

ISO 9001 Quality Management

We consistently maintain our high quality, meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management

A proven track record when addressing our, and our clients’, environmental responsibility.

ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management

We are known for creating secure working conditions for employees, no matter their location.

ISO 55001 Asset Management

Specialists at ensuring assets are an advantage, not a drain, over the entire lifecycle.

ISO 41001 Facility Management

Consistent, effective, efficient, and sustainable facilities management. Nothing less.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management (Compliance Level Only)

Your informational security is paramount. We are recognised as a trusted partner.