IREP and FuturePlus join forces in an attempt to boost sustainability in the FM sector

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Facilities management company International Real Estate Partners (IREP) and sustainability management and ESG reporting platform FuturePlus have joined forces in a new strategic partnership that aims to help businesses around the world implement sustainable practices within their facilities management and building management processes. This will strengthen IREP’s sustainability offering and provide FuturePlus with new opportunities for global growth.

Utilising the FuturePlus platform, IREP is now able to continuously track the sustainability of thousands of properties around the world on behalf of its clients. This allows us to establish areas for improvement, put solutions in place and measure their success.

This partnership ensures that all IREP clients have access to market leading ESG measurement tools and expertise, enabling them to improve their current sustainability strategies.

The industry-leading technology enables clients to understand and define their sustainability goals and how they fit with their current business behaviours. The platform has over 250 sustainability indicators, each aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and covers five themes: Climate, Diversity and Inclusion, Social, Economic and Environment. The platform provides a Baseline Score and an Ambition Score to measure the success of every unique sustainability strategy. Together, these scores allow organisations to understand where they are in relation to their industry, as well as their own unique organisational goals. These scores are then used to create a bespoke sustainability strategy for each client to ensure results are measured and goals are met.

IREP founder and chief executive officer Kenny McCrae commented: “We have a long history of pioneering products and services with long-term sustainability targets in mind and are constantly looking for reliable ways to help our clients measure their efforts and areas for investment in ESG. We really believe in technology as an important differentiator in our industry and are very impressed by the capabilities of the FuturePlus platform.”

FuturePlus co-founder and partner Mike Penrose said: “We’re proud to be working with a business like IREP, which really believes and invests in all aspects of ESG, including diversity and inclusion just like we do – not just ticking boxes. Through its sustainability strategy, IREP consistently works to reduce its environmental impact by managing key issues such as energy use, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water withdrawals, waste generation and environmental compliance.”

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