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IREP Attends SPERRY Quarterly Conference in California

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This November, our team at IREP Property took part in a quarterly conference in Irvine, California, hosted by our partner, SPERRY. The event was attended by all sectors of the Sperry business and their partners, including SPERRY affiliates, Sperry Equities, Sperry Commercial, Sperry Real Estate Capital, Sperry Data Centre Group as well as IREP as an international broker and FM partner. 

The conference was an excellent chance for collaboration between the Sperry and IREP teams as it involved introductions, training and discussions about our capabilities as a business. The hosts had done an amazing job at organising the event and even provided space for some leisure activities such as ping pong and a pool table where the guests could recharge after a long meeting. 

As part of our partnership with Sperry, we intend to focus on cross-border and investment opportunities and we will work towards the growth of a truly global real estate group. IREP & SPERRY are actively mobilising reciprocal services across key locations and together with IREP’s facilities management capabilities, we aim to play a vital role in achieving the partnership’s objectives. Following the Mexico launch earlier this year, we plan to launch in the Middle East, using our network to introduce SPERRY  to the region.  

Kristian Syson, Head of IREP Property, commented on the event:

It was a fantastic conference – it gave me the opportunity to make friends and start new relationships, now it’s time to make it all happen. We look forward to driving the positive impact that we know our partnership with Sperry brings.  

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