The founder of MND24 with the IREP Team

IREP is a Proud Sponsor of MND24, an initiative that raises awareness about Motor Neuron Disease

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IREP leadership team meets in Dubai

IREP is delighted to be the main kit sponsor for the MND24 events in March this year. Through our sponsorship, you will be able to see the IREP logo circling the Al Qudra cycle track on the chest of those cycling in support of research into Motor Neuron Disease. MND is also known in the US as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The cycle will start on March 10th at 6pm and finish on Saturday March 11th at 6pm.

MND24 is an inclusive event, challenging participants to engage in any sport or activity for 24 hours. Last year, many companies and individuals organised fundraising events in different countries around the world such as cooking, walking, sailing, and cocktail-making.

This year´s MND24 events will be themed ‘’A Day for Doddie’’ to honour Doddie Weir after his recent passing. Sandy, the founder of MND24, and his team will raise awareness and funds globally supporting My Name’5 Doddie Foundation. In addition, all cycling kits will have Doddie’s tartan and logo on the sleeves.

MND is an incredibly cruel disease, and after seeing how my dad so bravely fought back at his illness, I wanted to do something to help fund research in finding a cure for this appalling disease. – Sandy.

We recently invited Sandy to the IREP HQ offices to meet with our team and walk them through MND24’s history and purpose. As a result, we felt even more proud to support the cause.

Initially in 2020, on the first anniversary of his father’s passing, Sandy completed a 12-hour cycle around the Al Qudra cycle track in Dubai. Later, after nearly 130 people joined him over the ride, Sandy decided to scale the events. To do so, he opened the initiative to a diverse range of fundraising activities around the world. This was how MND24 was born. In 2022, MND24 held 44 events, covering 21 countries from Scotland to Australia. Sandy´s event that year was a 24-hour cycle around the Al Qudra cycle track.

At IREP, we are assembling teams across the globe who will take part in the challenge and support the cause. We encourage you to do the same! Simply choose a registered MND charity in your country, create an event, set up a fundraising page, and start collecting donations. Pick any sport or activity you like – you can take part individually or as part of a team. The only requirement for an MND24 event is to reach 24 consecutive hours – it could be as simple as walking. As a result, anyone can take part.

You can find out more about MND24 on their website.

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