Leadership team meeting in Dubai

IREP leadership team meets in Dubai

IREP is a Proud Sponsor of MND24, an initiative that raises awareness about Motor Neuron Disease
Raising awareness for Motor Neuron Disease

IREP leadership team meets in Dubai

Last month the Leadership team of IREP attended a one-week workshop in Dubai. The event was organised to boost company and cross-team communication as well as to serve as an opportunity for some of the team members to meet face-to-face for the first time.

The week started off with some welcome presentations and important discussions where the IREP leaders shared the company objectives and goals for the new year with the rest of the team. Throughout the duration of the event, various presentations from different departments took place where each Department Head shared their recent accomplishments as well as challenges they are facing. During this time, the teams also discussed how they can help each other in overcoming their challenges and how through team work they can achieve their goals.

Jack Finney, IREP’s COO commented on the event:

‘We are really excited to have the IREP Leadership team working together from Dubai towards our mutual goals and accomplishing great things. I believe in times where most of us are working remotely, it is crucial to keep the face-to-face communication and bring people together like this. It makes the biggest difference.’

At IREP, we are constantly working on improving our communications and are putting more efforts into bringing our international teams together by organising similar events and workshops. Our teams come from different backgrounds, and we cherish the diversity they represent within IREP. This recent event hosted colleagues from different parts of the world, including the UK, Mexico, Spain, Australia, Bulgaria, India and Pakistan. We believe nurturing diversity and inclusion is fundamental in building stronger teams and driving success and we will continue to promote this in our IREP community.

One of our core values says ‘We value people the most – We invite different opinions and seek to create a safe environment where everyone is engaged and valued’. That is the reason why we continue to invest in the constant development and engagement of our teams around the world.

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