IREP has signed a partnership agreement with Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates (SperryCGA), the US commercial real estate brokerage business. The deal will see IREP acquire franchises to open SperryCGA affiliate offices in 21 locations in 16 countries outside the US by 2024. The first will be in Mexico City, Mexico.

This collaboration will open the door for West coast US tech and investment companies seeking to explore new opportunities in the UAE, and beyond.

Under the agreement, IREP will provide facilities management evaluations and proposals for several major assets under the management of Sperry Equities, a commercial real estate investment and management company that specialises in repositioning underperforming real estate projects.

IREP & SperryCGA are now actively mobilising reciprocal services across key locations. Post the Mexico launch, the two firms will begin targeting the Middle East, with IREP using its network to introduce SperryCGA to the region.

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