Technology and Innovation: Key to Future Success

IREP welcomes new Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
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Innovation and technology are very important in a business and are at the centre of new ideas, improved processes, cost reduction and optimised performance and quality.

At International Real Estate Partners (IREP) we believe technology is the future and we invest heavily in it in order to provide clients with the best solutions and reduce impact on the environment.

At our European Headquarters in Girona, Spain, we have a dedicated Technology and Innovation Centre with business intelligence experts, front and back-end developers and data analysts.

Our Technology and Innovation Centre is a vital part of our business to support our custom Facilities Management solution, property, energy and asset management as well as commercial real estate, technical services and sustainable solutions.

At IREP, we don’t use 3rd party solutions. Instead, we create our own solutions that collect and analyse facility data to help clients better manage operations and reduce costs. Facilitated through application programming interfaces (APIs), our team ensure that all systems and data are talking to each other no matter their origin.

Our Proprietary Software

IREPort is our very own market-leading cloud-based business intelligence software which offers our clients data transparency and visibility, all centralised and controlled in one place.  It includes various modules that help clients enrich their facilities management data and access everything in one place. IREPort is truly bespoke and customisable to unique needs. As a result, it allows clients to stay competitive, reduce energy usage and reduce their negative impact on the environment.

Another key technology solution by IREP is our Smart metering and industrial Internet of Things (IoT). This technology includes smart sensors and virtual meters which are accessible remotely to deliver a constant stream of hyper-accurate information that is critical to maximising uptime and pre-empting possible problems. Furthermore, given the battery-powered nature of our hardware, there is zero maintenance required by the client.

What makes IREP different from other FM suppliers?

The difference between IREP and other FM suppliers is that we offer the entire solution. We provide the plan, the equipment, the installation, all reporting, the visualisation, and the solutions to problems. As this is all from one supplier and kept in house, there is the highest level of efficiency, security and accountability.

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