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5 Reasons why you need IREPort, IREP’s facilities management technology

IREP and Nokia – A successful Facility Management Services Relationship
Asset efficiency and achieving sustainability goals

The key to successful Facilities Management is access to the right data, presented in a manner that encourages fast analysis and smart decisions. And all of that tailored to how your business operates.

While IREP provides you with a rich portfolio of services related to Facilities Management and beyond, here we focus on our proprietary data platform – IREPort – our facilities management technology tool.

You may well have multiple facilities, perhaps spread across several continents or countries. To deal with this, IREPort brings relevant data into one centralized platform. From a single holistic view, you can drill down to any level you desire. Then,  facts and figures from across the entire estate are literally at your fingertips.

What’s more, our Cost Saving Guarantee also ensures the process is very cost effective.

#1 We own the technology and the innovative ways in which we deploy it

Technology is the key to achieving the superb results that IREPort delivers for our clients. Not just the leading-edge facilities management technologies, of course, but the intelligent manner in which our team and clients can use them to solve real world business challenges.

Our systems are proprietary to IREP, meaning there is no 3rd party dependency.

We put a lot of effort into ensuring a great customer experience for our users, with a wide swath of truly worthwhile functionality. We are also able to provide highly professional technical support on demand as well as regular enhancements and frequent updates to strengthen security.

#2 Our own dedicated team of developers and support professionals

We have our own team of back-end and front-end developers and data analysts who constantly support and develop IREPort. Our facilities management technology team deliver continuous improvements to provide you with the best service possible.

It means we have total control over the pathway for developing new features with no dependency on 3rd party software or suppliers. This is a major factor in ensuring you receive prompt support and fast resolution of any issues.

Importantly, it enables us to design and deliver a fully customised solution tailored to suit the unique needs of your business operations. That way, you don´t have features that you don´t need and may never use bloating your system.

Customisation makes a great deal of difference to the quality of information and the level of savings you achieve. No two enterprises are alike in the breadth and variety of their facilities, and the usage pattern that determines a larger portion of overheads needed to operate them.

A cookie cutter solution cannot possibly achieve the level of accurate granularity required to bottom out all of the variables that add up to running costs. IREPort fits snugly to the contours of your business so that no relevant factor is overlooked or ignored.

It means we can measure and report on the factors and metrics that are important to you.

It also means we have the skills to integrate IREPort into your existing software and systems to add even more value.

#3 Visibility & Control: One centralised Facilities Management technology platform for your data

IREPort guarantees data transparency, visibility and easy control of information that feeds into your facilities management processes – all from a single cloud-based platform.

Information is presented through a series of dashboards that provide a summary view. These reports and views can be customised to match your operational requirements and objectives.

It is simple to then drill down to more granular layers to observe the detail of individual elements. That puts levers of control at your fingertips that quickly highlight aspects that may need attention and remedial action.

You decide what information you require, how it is sliced and diced, and what the priorities are.

Establish KPIs, evaluate against the baseline, centralise all information in one place in an integrated platform, from across all locations and countries.

facilities management technology

#4 IREPort joins up Sustainability + Energy Efficiency + Environmental Impact

IREPort is a powerful facilities management technology platform that helps you meet your sustainability goals by reducing energy consumption and improving environmental impact. This also drives cost savings.

We can see where IREPort  impacts if we examine each of the three recognised Pillars of Sustainability:

Environmental Sustainability. We pioneer products and services that truly benefit your business and effect real environmental change for a sustainable future. They help clients reduce energy and water usage as well as achieve their greenhouse gas emissions targets.

Economic Sustainability. Obviously, driving down costs immediately improves your bottom line. Where IREPort excels is in identifying and measuring overheads that you may not even be aware of. Then, it presents that information in a clear manner and invites you to assess it to plan appropriate remedial action. IREP products and service lines deliver a lot more than that, of course, but IREPort focuses on the low-level detail of day-to-day costs that can add up to a significant overhead.

Social Sustainability. Facilities are the environment in which your workforce operates. Monitoring factors such as environmental conditions, utilization and EHS compliance, for example, are critical for ensuring care, comfort and safety of your employees. Not only does this maintain satisfactory productivity levels but also boosts staff retention and engagement.

While energy efficiency is probably its headline attribute, IREPort acts as a channel to directly monitor a whole range of elements that combine to strengthen your business sustainability goals.

#5 We do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on the important data

With any facilities management technology system, there is quite a lot of up-front effort involved in accessing all of the necessary data, filtering and cataloguing it, and collating all the data sources.

The data comes from a mix of acquisition technologies that can include meters and sensors linked through the Internet of Things (IoT), integrations with some of your systems that store relevant metrics and data, and perhaps other types of input depending on the configuration of your operations.

With IREP’s facilities management technology, IREPort, it’s different than other platforms – we handle the entire onboarding and transition process ourselves, having everything operational in 6 months, on average – 3 months for data collection and 3 months for data consolidation.

There is no disruption of your normal business processes, which can continue as normal. Then the IREPort platform is ready to provide analysis and insights to keep you competitive and save you money.

IREPort offers several valuable modules that enhance your business

Finally, let’s touch on what else IREPort has to offer. It is a clever and multi-faceted facilities management technology system, but users depend mainly on these modules in business operations:

  • Assets – to plan ahead and reduce risks, increase asset efficiency through inspection and monitoring in order to improve your agility
  • Energy – Visualisation of your consumption data to help you improve energy usage and realise actual savings
  • HSE – We carry out risk assessments and ensure your operations and portfolio are fully compliant, whilst ensuring a safe working environment for all workers and visitors
  • Finance – Record costs in one place with the means to make smart decisions at the click of a button
  • Operational Performance – Keep track of all your operations and processes in one place

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