IREP’S Commitment to Sustainability

At IREP, we believe that integrating sustainability within business achieves long-term efficiency, effectiveness, and economic and social benefits.

A Green Circular Business Model

At IREP, we not only believe in a sustainable approach to business, but we act upon it. From the outset, we realised that complacency was not an option, so we designed the way we operated around a green circular business model. This business model empowers and creates long-term opportunities for us and our clients – efficient and sustainable production and consumption reduces energy costs by up to 20%.

We are dedicated to helping our clients become more sustainable and we strive to inform all aspects of our business in this way, so we achieve this aim ourselves. This ethos is pervasive across all our operations, and we share this responsibility and interdependency across our team. Each of our service lines has this focus and ethos built-in, no matter the project, client, or location. By doing so, we give as much value to our clients, helping their businesses get ahead whilst reducing the social and environmental costs.

Creating Sustainable Real Estate

The Framework for the future of Real Estate published in 2021 sets out the need for buildings to be liveable, affordable, and sustainable. Efficient spaces deliver environmental, economic, and societal benefits. As experts in managing the lifecycle of buildings and real estate, we help our clients meet their carbon emission targets in a sector responsible for 30% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and 40% of its energy.

The average energy reduction for our clients utilising our energy and asset management plan is 12%.

We do this in two ways:

1. Focus on evaluating and upgrading existing assets

How is this done?

We incorporate modern technology, such as built environment data and our IREPort, to minimise energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

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2. Establish building management systems and processes.

Cooperation with building users and clients is key to getting full value from financial, reputational, and environmental parameters.

Any organisation can access our innovative energy saving calculator. No matter the sector or location, they can evaluate their energy usage and the present status of their assets.

Innovative and Practical Agri-Tech Solutions

IREPfarm is our novel and progressive answer to the immediate problem of sustainable food supply chains. It extends the ability of governments and the food industry to provide for populations, given the impact of climate change.

Our comprehensive turnkey solution offers Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) all elements needed to achieve successful modular vertical farming, from design and construction to management. Our team boasts extensive knowledge and expertise across:

  • Precision vertical-farming technology
  • Architecture and interior design
  • Global project and cost management
  • Construction
  • Facilities management
  • Research and development
  • Finance

Our clients can develop vertical tower farms with a yield improvement between 200% and 300% with this support. At the same time, they are meeting targets to reduce carbon footprints, water supply and energy usage within the food supply chain.

It is vital to recognise that we all have a crucial role in reducing the impact of climate change and that practical action is necessary.

At IREP, we are proud to be embracing the climate-related shift and look forward to helping our clients navigate this path.

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