Fiona Feldermann

Head of Marketing and Business Development

Marketing has been key to giving IREP a voice and engaging with our clients. As the business grows, we are widening our customer base and service offerings, therefore communication is key for us.

Since joining IREP in 2021, Fiona has been the Head of Marketing and Business Development at IREP. Her role has focused on the establishment of a marketing division within IREP which aims to support both corporate activities as well as the individual business entities. Business development is a new discipline within IREP and a very important one – we believe it is the infrastructure for strengthening sales growth.

Fiona is based in the Europe HQ of IREP in Girona, Spain. She has played an important role in growing IREP’s European based team and developing our presence in the region.

With a background in the industrial chemical, construction materials and language translation sectors, Fiona brings over 25 years of B2B sales and marketing experience which supports IREP on our growth trajectory.

In her free time, Fiona enjoys Pilates, swimming, looking after her many pets as well as visiting the gorgeous beaches at Costa Brava.