Jeff Bailey

Senior Vice President Sales

The IREP model can adapt to specific customer requirements and create a service that supports the business strategic goals and operational necessities.

Jeff Bailey is the Senior Vice President Sales at IREP, bringing an impressive legacy of over 30 years in the dynamic realms of Real Estate and Facility Management. With a wealth of experience navigating market uncertainties, acquisitions, divestitures, and leadership changes, Jeff stands as a seasoned leader in the industry.

Currently serving as the Owner and General Manager of Real Property Management Lakeview, based in Denton, Texas, Jeff has been instrumental in the flourishing success of RPM Lakeview since its establishment in July 2019. Under his astute leadership, the company has managed over 90 homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. A testament to his prowess, in 2022, the portfolio doubled, and operating costs decreased by over 25%.

Before founding RPM Lakeview, Jeff dedicated 23 years to Nokia, where he held various roles, culminating in his prestigious position as the Global Head of Facilities and Sustainability. In this pivotal role, Jeff oversaw facility services for over 100,000 employees across 100 countries and 430 locations. This extensive international experience provided him with a unique perspective on owner expectations and the crucial factors for success in Facilities Management.

Jeff’s negotiation skills and strategic acumen in facilities management contracts have been evident throughout his career, successfully navigating complexities and diverse operational models. His global perspective was further enriched by an ex-pat assignment in the United Kingdom, where he managed operations in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India for approximately four years.

As Senior Vice President Sales at IREP, Jeff brings his wealth of experience to the forefront, contributing to the company’s vision of providing tailored solutions in every aspect of the real estate lifecycle. His leadership and strategic insights make him a valuable asset to the IREP team.

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