Our Business

Our values


We achieve excellence through technology

 We believe technology is the future and we invest heavily in it in order to provide clients with the best solutions.


We value people the most

We invite different opinions and seek to create a safe environment where everyone is engaged and valued.


We are agile

We respond to change with innovative solutions, and we constantly seize new oppor­tu­ni­ties. 


We operate sustainably

We aim to minimise our impact on the environment while helping clients on their journey to net-zero.

Message from our CEO

At IREP, we thrive to be the best. Not only for our clients, but for the environment, people and society. All our operations are well in line with our corporate social responsibility strategy and sustainability mission, with aim to minimize our and our customers’ impact on the environment whilst positively contributing to the development of society.


Sustainability starts with each one of us. At IREP, we have long-term, science-based sustainability targets firmly in our sight. We pioneer products and services that are good for business and effect real environmental change for a sustainable future; and trust we can play a key role in helping clients achieve their greenhouse gas emissions targets as well as reduce energy and water usage. From the start, IREP has been designed according to a ‘green circular business model’: offering as much value as we can, whilst causing the least amount of social and environmental cost possible.

Each individual service line has sustainability built in and we are striving to reduce impact on the world, regardless of the type of work we are doing. Our data driven approach has drastically lowered client emissions time and time again, no matter their location or chosen service.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our commitments

Operations aligned with sustainability

Supporting flexible working

Employee development

Rewarding exceptional performance

Rewarding innovations and ideas

Investing in Technology & Innovation to minimize environmental impact

Our People

People are IREP’s strongest asset and the driving force behind everything we do. We wouldn’t be who we are now without the help of our amazing teams across the globe – they are all professionals in their work and experts in their fields. With common forces and cooperation, our teams are what creates the high quality and standards behind IREP.

We are constantly working to drive a diverse and inclusive culture for our employees and our business. We are fully committed to nurturing a workplace where everyone feels like they belong, and we strive to provide everyone with opportunities to develop.

Supporting local communities

Team AngelWolf is a non-profit foundation that promotes an inclusive, active life with People of Determination (people with disabilities). They work with families and individuals of all abilities in a welcoming, motivational and connected space. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is equal.

Team AngelWolf participates in a whole range of events – from extreme, world record breaking challenges to community walks. They participate in the biggest races and run their own-brand activations, as well as inspirational seminars within schools and the private sector.

ISO Accreditation

Our global expertise is recognised by the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO). We hold the following credentials:

ISO 9001 Quality Management

We consistently maintain our high quality, meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management

A proven track record when addressing our, and our clients’, environmental responsibility.

ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management

We are known for creating secure working conditions for employees, no matter their location.

ISO 50001 – Energy Management System

Helping you realise energy savings over the whole life cycle.

ISO 55001 Asset Management (Alignment to standards only)

Specialists at ensuring assets are an advantage, not a drain, over the entire lifecycle.

ISO 41001 Facility Management

Consistent, effective, efficient, and sustainable facilities management. Nothing less.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management (Fully Certified)

Your informational security is paramount. We are recognised as a trusted partner.


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