Christina Porter


“IREP is a complete solution that spans the entire Agritech lifecycle: from design to construction and operation.”

Christina Porter leads IREPfarm, the agritech arm of International Real Estate Partners (IREP), serving as its visionary head. Responsible for sourcing, planning, and executing new client opportunities within IREPfarm, Christina occupies the epicenter of innovation in vertical and hydroponic farming.

With a skillset spanning multiple disciplines, Christina orchestrates the convergence of vertical farming technology, architectural and interior design, global project and cost management, construction, facilities and asset management, and research and development. Her versatility and expertise make her the linchpin for all things IREPfarm.

Joining IREP in November 2018, Christina has been an integral part of the team since its inception. Initially contributing to the transaction management department, she swiftly progressed to assume leadership of IREPfarm. Prior to her tenure at IREP, Christina honed her skills in Chartered Surveying at the esteemed London-based company, Knight Frank.

Combining her background in surveying and transactions, Christina seamlessly translates her expertise into her current role. The meticulous selection of installations is paramount in Agritech, where contractual proficiency is essential to business success.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Christina’s devotion to her young family fills her spare time outside of IREP. Additionally, she prioritizes fitness and activity, integrating them into her daily routine to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


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