Dusty Ward

Senior Energy & Technical Manager

“Success is one thing. Impact is another”

Dusty Ward is a seasoned global leader within the IREP family using his 20 years of Energy and Sustainability experience to drive the technical go-to-market approach. As a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Mr. Ward is well versed in developing corporate sustainability programs, master systems integration deployments, and demand side management across multiple vertical markets. As a reputable change-agent in the industry, he continuously cultivates a strategic shift in energy management that provides a lasting impact. Additionally, he approaches each project with aprofessional and approachable perspective.

Professional Titles & Certifications:

  • Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
  • LEED AP Operations & Maintenance (AP O+M)
  • Certified Sustainability Development Professional (CSDP)
  • Renewable Energy Professional Certification (REP)

In his free time Dusty loves adventuring with his family of 4. He is a Southern California native and enjoys backpacking the Sierras, cycling, swimming, and everything in between. Where Mr. Ward truly finds his value is in the mentorship and training of our at-risk youth. With over 15 years of involvement with At Risk Youth.org, he has enjoyed helping countless young men and women achieve their educations, secure employment, and provide pathways for growth. He takes great pride in working with the younger generation to help educate, train, and mentor the next group of professionals. Dusty also enjoys staying connected to the impact growing energy demands are having on local ecosystems and is an active participate in multiple environmental studies on local habitats.


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