J Murtha

Operations & Strategy

“Facilities is about people, their safety, and cost-effective quality service.”

The strategic mind behind the strategic operations at International Real Estate Partners (IREP), boasts an impressive career spanning over five decades. J has been instrumental in shaping the facilities management landscape both as a client and a provider.

J’s career embarked from an ambitious start as he managed one of the largest scout camps in the US, showcasing his innate leadership and operational acumen. He swiftly transitioned to corporate roles, where his strategic oversight began to take shape. As Vice President of General Services at EF Hutton, and later at American Express post-merger, J was pivotal in overseeing corporate services and managing the strategic relocation from Wall Street to Midtown NYC—a move critical in the financial sector’s landscape during that period.

His journey continued at the Campbell Soup Company, where as Director of Corporate Services, reporting directly to the CFO, J significantly influenced corporate operational strategies. His tenure at CSI and Newmark further solidified his reputation, where he was responsible for global FM Operations, servicing many of the world’s top-tier companies and significantly enhancing their operational efficiencies.

J has been at the forefront of introducing strategic initiatives that enhance operational globally.
Under J Murtha’s strategic guidance, IREP continues to excel in providing tailored facilities management solutions that meet the complex demands of modern businesses, fostering environments that prioritize safety, efficiency, and quality service for all.

J and his wife have three grown children who like their parents love to travel.


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