Leticia Arana

Americas Human Resource Lead

“People are the heartbeat of any corporation. Implementing effective retention strategies is not just about keeping talent; it’s about nurturing a culture of growth and engagement. By investing in our people, we lay the foundation for sustained success and innovation.”

With over 15 years of diverse experience within international and domestic markets, Leticia Arana is a seasoned HR business partner committed to leveraging innovative and effective HR management techniques. Her expertise spans across various essential HR functions, including talent management, learning and development, and performance optimization.

In her role, she has consistently provided optimal delivery of HR services, encompassing comprehensive compensation and benefits support, data and analytics insights, and robust employee resources and retention programs. Her deep knowledge and understanding of labor regulations and legal codes ensure that all HR practices are compliant and aligned with organizational goals. She excels in developing and implementing strategic HR initiatives that drive organizational success and enhance employee engagement and retention. Her ability to navigate complex HR challenges and deliver impactful solutions has been instrumental in fostering a positive and productive work environment.

Outside of work, Leticia enjoys attending concerts and traveling the world with her family. Growing up in a large Latin household, she developed a profound appreciation for meaningful relationships and experiences, recognizing their vital role in achieving both personal and professional success.


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