Paul Woodlock

Operations – India, APAC, and MEA

“We work as a partner, not a supplier. An absence of bureaucracy allows us to solve issues faster, and service any custom requests that a client may have.”

Paul Woodlock plays a critical role in overseeing operations across India, APAC, and MEA for International Real Estate Partners (IREP). Tasked with leading over 1000 personnel and managing diverse service lines from pest control to office supplies, Paul exemplifies leadership that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries.

Paul’s approach to operations is deeply rooted in his expertise in facilities management, where he is often at the core of the projects he oversees. His ability to create an agile, bureaucracy-free business structure has been instrumental in enhancing problem resolution and facilitating bespoke client requests efficiently.

Beyond operational management, Paul is integral in building and sustaining client relationships across his regions. His keen interpersonal and commercial skills ensure continuity of business and foster a trusted partnership with clients.

Paul joined IREP in May 2018, bringing with him a rich history of collaboration with IREP’s CEO, Kenneth McCrae, that spans over a decade. This long-standing partnership underscores his deep commitment to the company’s vision and objectives.

Outside the office, Paul engages in the strategic card game of Bridge, challenging his problem-solving skills and enjoying competitive play. He also cherishes spending quality time with his family, which plays a vital role in his personal life.


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