Sophie Ferrari


“Seamless financial integration and stability are not just goals, they are our commitment to every client we serve.”

Sophie Ferrari, a key leader in the Finance division at International Real Estate Partners (IREP), orchestrates financial strategies and facilitates smooth financial transitions for new clients globally. With a profound dedication to ensuring financial stability, Sophie’s role is pivotal in maintaining seamless operations throughout the entirety of our client relationships.

Sophie embarked on her financial career in the UK, armed with a degree in Finance, and initially honed her skills at a local accounting firm. Her journey took a significant turn in 2013 when she relocated to Dubai, stepping into a challenging role as a Finance Analyst. This position not only covered multiple regions but also aligned her with future IREP founders Kenneth McCrae and Kamran Abbas, setting the stage for her future with our company.

Recognizing the need to deepen her financial expertise, Sophie pursued an MBA in Finance at the University of Manchester, completing her studies in 2017. Her timing was impeccable, coinciding with the founding of IREP, where she immediately assumed her current leadership role.

In her personal life, Sophie is an avid reader and traveler, often found soaking up the sun on Dubai’s beaches with a good book. A self-proclaimed ‘foodie,’ Sophie delights in exploring the local cuisine of every new destination, immersing herself in the diverse cultures and experiences that enrich her both personally and professionally.



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