Suresh Kumar

Energy Management

“IREP is a company that delivers the entire lifecycle of energy management. We identify problems, implement solutions, and sustain your savings.”

Suresh Kumar, serving as the Global Head of Energy Management at International Real Estate Partners (IREP), embodies the company’s commitment to delivering comprehensive energy management solutions across the globe.

IREP is dedicated to addressing the entire lifecycle of energy management, from identifying challenges to implementing sustainable solutions and ensuring lasting savings. At the helm of this endeavor is Suresh Kumar.

Based in India, Suresh oversees the delivery of energy management solutions to clients worldwide. His role encompasses the intricate management of diverse teams, strategically assembled to maximize client success. Each regional team under his purview is tailored to adapt to the unique regulatory, geographical, and cultural landscapes they encounter.

With a solid foundation in the technical aspects of the sector, Suresh brings invaluable expertise to his leadership role. Graduating from JNDU with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in 2005, he spent 14 years in various technical roles before transitioning into management. This extensive technical background informs his effective management style, enabling him to navigate complex energy challenges with precision.

Joining IREP in June 2019, Suresh initially served as the Director of Energy and Technical Management before his promotion to the esteemed position of Global Head of Energy Management.

Outside of his professional commitments, Suresh is an avid traveler, sharing a passion for exploration with his IREP colleagues. One of his primary motivations for travel is his love of photography, particularly wildlife photography. Among his prized captures is a stunning image of a Bengal Tiger, a testament to his dedication after 48 separate excursions in pursuit of the perfect shot.


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