IREPFarm - Vertical Farming in the Middle East

Pioneering vertical farming in the Middle East

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IREP recently announced the creation of our new business division, IREPfarm, partnering with Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) to deliver vertical farming solutions to the Middle East.

By remaining focused on technology and engineering improvements of the farming solutions, IREP is confident that they can provide relevant, high-tech solutions to the Middle East together with IGS.

Aside from the expected major growth in population, IREP is keen to bring this technology to the Middle East. The region relies on imported fresh produce and the limitations to field-based agriculture.

IREPfarm is looking forward to leveraging IREP and IGS’ expertise and experience to develop its product offering. The new division is excited to be bringing something special and unique to the region.

Read the full, original press release about IREP’s vertical farming in the Middle East here.

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