Energy & Asset Management

Realising energy savings & asset value over the whole life cycle.

Best-in-class technology

When improving energy & asset performance, information is king. We examine each asset contained within your portfolio, as well as the individual assets within each building. We do so through our fully automated, self-serve business intelligence solution: IREPort. It takes data from all asset systems and puts it all in one place, in real time.

Prior to that, we firstly need to evaluate how your energy & assets are managed presently. For this reason, we created the Energy Calculator to evaluate present day status. 

Energy saving

Learn how to optimise your energy usage over the whole lifecycle

Expert cleansing, validating, and reconciling of data, all results in a user-friendly solution. In the energy and asset management space, technology is at the forefront of our solutions.

Entire life-cycle solutions

Actively managing assets is crucial for efficient and sustainable function of any business. In alignment with ISO 55001 processes and procedures, we provide an entire life-cycle solution, for you to select as much or as little as you require.


Whether it be cost projection, lease analysis, or budgeting, we have you covered for the long-term.

Construction & Acquisition

Building the right asset portfolio for your future success.

Operations & Maintenance

Sustaining high property performance in every building, at every level.


Efficient decommissioning of an asset no longer required, freeing space in your portfolio.

12% Average Energy Reduction
Reduce your carbon footprint

Complete energy management integration

At IREP, we do not work in silos. Our asset management is closely intertwined with our energy management, to achieve efficiencies on multiple fronts. A full energy efficiency action plan across your portfolio delivers instant savings:


Through site evaluation and system analysis, we understand in depth the inefficiencies in your facilities.

Develop & Implement

Each client’s energy needs are unique. We develop, design, and implement the correct solution for your operations.


Not only do we deliver on initial savings, but we also strategize 3 to 5 years into the future. A full value service over the long-term.

Energy & asset management no matter your location

With offices in 49 countries over 6 continents, we are a worldwide solution. Whether you are requiring local, regional, or global asset coverage, we have the scale to match your needs.

John Weber

Global Head of Energy & Asset Management

IREP’s Business Intelligence Platform, IREPort, enables Visibility and Control of Operational and Financial aspects of a company even down to a granular level.

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