Building And Optimising Property And Facilities Management

Facilities Management

 What is facilities management?

It is defined by the ISO as “an organizational function which integrates people, place, and process within the built environment to improve the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business.”

Facilities management is the daily operations that ensure a physical environment is able to support an organization’s needs. It is the foundation for the safety, sustainability and efficiency of buildings and properties.

Why is facilities management important?

It is integral to the success of every organization as it supports productivity, comfort, safety, profitability and efficiency. Buildings need to be safe and comfortable for people to perform well and feel engaged in their environments, and therefore, provide value in the long term.

What does a facilities manager do?

The title Facilities Manager can hold different meanings depending on the industry and the size of the organization. In short, facilities managers ensure the places in which people live, work and play are safe, comfortable and sustainable. They are responsible for maintaining the organization’s properties, buildings and equipment and making sure all systems within the physical environment work harmoniously.

IREP aim to provide a safe, comfortable, and cost-effective environment in which your staff or occupiers can concentrate on their core business

Cost reductions
Maximises productivity
Technology driven solutions
Optimal workspace experience

Do you know what is the 2nd largest cost for any business after personnel?

Reduce costs. For you and the environment.

We measure ourselves on delivered results. We massively reduce your cost-pressure and carbon footprint from day one, for your immediate benefit.

Reduce business costs by up to 28%
Reduce energy consumption by up to 35%
Potential savings from day 1

Custom and comprehensive solutions

No two clients are identical, so neither are their facilities management challenges. Our process includes…


Our skilled experts analyse the facilities in detail through our business intelligence platform.


Then, we carefully design a custom model to suit your business and your facilities.


Next, we deliver. No matter where you are located, we can provide potential savings from day 1.


We partner with our clients for the long-term, ensuring continuous improvement.

Components of the IREP Facilities Management Approach

Industries and Assets Managed








Public sector

Facilities Management (FM) Consultancy

Analyse Client’s existing FM structure and strategy
Development of an appropriate and cost-effective FM model
Include a risk-based FM Strategy for the short, medium and long term

Support, Growth and Development your Core Business

Organisational Structure
FM Organisation structure
Current method of delivery including service levels
SLAs and KPIs
FM Standard Operating Procedures
Strategic Asset Management plan
Fabric maintenance planning
Review of Landlord Service Charges

Our Approach and Methodology

Strategic Review

Collect and analyse all information

Visit facilities

Issue & opportunity analysis

Agree objectives with stakeholders

Draft FM Model

Client portfolio information

FM objectives and key success factors

FM Service delivery model

Technology & innovative solutions

Implementation roadmap

Final FM Model

Present draft model and obtain feedback

Amend model and present final version

Client feedback

Finalise and issue the model

Analyse, Measure, Improve Performance

Property Management (PM) Services

We bring you control over your entire property portfolio; a comprehensive solution including operations, assets, financials, energy management, IoT technology and sustainability.

Our property management specialists have years of expertise in delivering maximum operational efficiencies and cost reductions without compromising on service quality, to ensure needs of both owners and occupiers are met.

Ensuring occupier satisfaction, reduces vacancies, limits incentives payments and ensures cash flow is retained.

Typical Property Portfolios

Strategic Goal – Financial

IREP Cost Reduction Model

IREP Technology Centre and Business Intelligence Solution (IREPort) are fully geared to reduce costs and create operational, financial and commercial efficiencies.

Business Intelligence solutions help reduce costs across all service streams:

Soft Services
Hard (HVAC maintenance Services)
Asset Management & Lifecycle through predictive maintenance
Energy & Utilities

Case Study in Numbers

Existing Global Client Financial Savings

Year 1 Contractual Commitment

Consolidated Contractual Savings %
Contractual Savings

Year Delivered

Savings % Achieved
Savings Achieved

Saving Levers, Cost Optimisation & Benchmarking

John Samuels

An FM veteran with over 30 years of experience, John Samuels is the Global Head of FM for IREP, and your point of contact. In 35 countries across 6 continents, we offer tailored management solutions for both investment & occupier clients, no matter the asset type.


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