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Our two project-types: pre-specified & retrofit

Whether we are building a power & lighting solution from the ground up, or upgrading an existing approach, we can augment your lighting strategy. No matter the sector, asset type, or geography. An IREP Power service improves user experience, making spaces more enjoyable & productive; makes your business more sustainable, by slashing your carbon emissions; makes your business more profitable, by reducing energy costs and increasing building value.

Pre-specified: building your lighting from scratch

Often, pre-specified projects have trouble balancing quality with cost. Not so with IREP Power. With top quality products sourced directly from the manufacturer, we combine quality with savings.

First, we will design a custom solution, by analysing all available facility information and talking with all relevant stakeholders.

Next, we submit a proposal to collaborate with the client to before creating the final strategy.

Finally, we implement, taking care of everything from project managing and installation, to maintenance and warranty.

Delivering high quality at competitive prices

Not only do we provide an exceptional service, but we do so at minimal cost. We acquire our products directly from the manufacturer, cutting out the costly middlemen. Furthermore, our incredible technology delivers energy savings of up to 62%, with projects paying for themselves within 18 to 26 months, on average. Coupling this with a 5-year warranty, the value for investment is market-leading.

Energy savings of up to 62%
Projects pay for themselves within 18 to 26 months, on average
5-year warranty on all projects

Retrofit: augmenting your existing lighting

Suffering from failures, poor lighting, and high running costs, some facilities desperately need upgrading. This is where IREP Power comes to the fore: making the outdated, future ready.

Similar to the three-step method above, we examine all existing lighting assets before collaborating with the client on the final strategy. Then we implement: optimising energy expenditure, lighting design, and power supply, among others.

Uninterrupted power, uninterrupted business

Continuity of business is critical for all companies. Therefore, feeding our lighting systems, we have uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) & central battery systems, to keep you operational no matter what.

IREP Power sends technical experts to assess the client’s needs in detail, and then craft a bespoke solution.

Then, our project engineers, draughtsman, and production support, deliver and maintain the proposal. Our power products include:

N-Core central battery system

N-Bloc battery monitoring system

N-Pulse DC system

N-Pulse AC system

Light & power, no matter the sector

Our power & lighting expertise is extensive. No matter your sector, we are equipped to transform your capabilities for the better.


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