Modular vertical farming for food security.

Our turnkey solution: how we work

From design to construction and management, IREPfarm delivers the modular elements you want.


Our expert team considers all aspects of the project from the outset. Master planning, Architecture, Interiors, Engineering. This guarantees maximal project efficiency and minimal project cost.


With a strong network of construction specialists around the globe, we can build your IREPfarms wherever you are.


Fully automated, IoT-enabled atmospheres, controlled through a mobile application.

Striving to deliver value, we have built a market-leading service: One-stop-shop, Advanced technology, Streamlined process, Transparency, On-time delivery, Best value, Minimise risk, Shared liability.

Value Delivered

One-stop shop

Shared Liability


Streamlined Process

On-time delivery

Best Value

Minimise Risk

Advanced technology

Our benefits and capabilities

IREPfarm has selected IGS as one of its Vertical Farming partners. The Total Controlled Environment Agriculture (TCEA) system which is 100% IoT-enabled delivers radical productivity benefits.

Manages light, temperature, water, nutrients, and gases.

Fully automated growth tray systems.

100% robotic handling in growing area.

Closed-loop water & air management system.

In-tray ventilation delivers < 1ºC variation across an entire crop.

Artificial intelligence: continual crop ‘recipe’ optimisation.

IoT-enabled remote monitoring and control.

Highly scalable, modular plug-and-play system.

Controls enabled at all times, at all operational levels, through a mobile app.

A commitment to food security in the Middle East

As a region the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) suffers from significant food-insecurity, importing 80% to 90% of all foodstuffs. IREPfarm has created the tools to combat this situation. As the population of the GCC continues to grow, this issue will only become more pertinent to the region.

Fully operational in arid environments.

Over 5 IREPfarms currently in the GCC.

Year-round double yields, minimise the need to import.

The IREPFarm Team

Our team consists of award-winning experts in:

Precision vertical farming technology

Architecture and interior design

Global project and cost management


Facilities and asset management

Research and development


With an established presence in the KSA as well as the UAE, IREP is proud to be growing its brand & operations in the Middle East. Already working with a number of multi-national and well-known organisations in the region, IREP Technical and Advisory Services are going from strength to strength.

Leveraging its own global network with the support of IREP’s local partner, Majed Alhugail, the introduction of IREPfarm is a further indication of IREP’s commitment to the region.

KSA Office: Ad Diriyah, Riyadh

UAE Offices: JLT and Al Barsha, Dubai

Christina Porter

Global Head of IREPfarm

Christina is the tip of our Agritech spear. Responsible for originating, planning, and executing new client opportunities with IREPfarm, she is your point of contact.

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