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IREP recently sponsored Team AngelWolf ’s 50 Ultra Challenge held at Sustainable City in Dubai – 50Km for 50 years to mark the UAE 50th National Day. Team AngelWolf is a non-profit foundation established in 2014 by Nick Watson and is licensed by Dubai Government, CDA – it promotes an inclusive, active life for People of Determination (people with disabilities).

IREP supplied branded drawstring sports bags, refreshments and branded insulated water bottles. Sixty children of different ages and abilities completed the challenge to get Rio (Nick’s son, who has a chromosome disorder) to complete 50Km in his running chair to celebrate UAE 50th National Day.

Team AngelWolf has grown year on year to become the best-known private foundation of its kind in the region. At its core, the foundation believes that together it can create a more inclusive, healthier and kinder global community. This belief has helped build a solid supportive following called ‘Wolfpack’. Team AngelWolf receive incredible support wherever they go, with a strong media presence and brand awareness. Its Wolfpack participate in various events – from extreme, record-breaking world challenges to community walks.

We caught up with Team AngelWolf founder Nick Watson who shared: “It was incredible to witness sixty children aged 4-18 with different abilities – 11 were people with disabilities, using teamwork to get Rio to complete 50km for 50 years to celebrate UAE 50th National Day. It was a day not about disability but about togetherness. We are very grateful to IREP for their support of the event; the children loved the goody bags and the team helping were incredible!”

You can join the Wolfpack team and support them regardless of your location. There’s no doubt you will receive a warm, heartfelt welcome and lots of support in return.

Congratulations to all Team AngelWolf supporters and participants!

Our Head of Facilities Management, Annie McMonagle, has also been part of the Wolfpack for almost three years. She has been the driving force behind getting IREP involved with the foundation. Annie describes the Wolfpack culture as something special, with a community-family feel. Regardless of ability, all participants get the same sense of achievement as a pro athlete. The Wolfpack is all about taking part and belonging to something unique and having the opportunity to inspire others.

Following her most recent challenge for the UAE National Day, Annie notes, “It was a very proud and remarkable day for all involved and cemented the whole ethos of Team AngelWolf’s #inclusiveimpactivity. The real stars of the day were the Wolfpack Cubs – they were superb and of all ages and abilities and showed the community feel. Without the support of the local community and sponsors, it wouldn’t have been possible.” You can read the full interview with Annie below.

What attracted you to become part of Team AngelWolf?

I bought a second-hand bike from someone who’s now one of my closest friends. Her 10-year daughter was also involved and the rest is history. It wasn’t really an attraction but a way of life and once introduced to Rio, there was no other option. It just felt right. It’s something I am very proud of and that of the Team AngelWolf and the Wolf Pack.

How long have you been part of the team?

It’s been nearly three years since I started with IREP, which allowed me to have a work-life balance and join the Wolf Pack.

How would you describe the culture in the team?

It truly is something special and such a community family feel. Regardless of ability, you still get the same sense of achievement that pro athletes get. I am not the strongest or fastest athlete. However, that doesn’t matter with the Wolfpack. It’s all about taking part and belonging to something special and having the opportunity to inspire others.

How did the event go?

It truly was an amazing and epic day. I don’t think any of us realised the enormity of what we had achieved from promoting #inclusiveimpactivity.

How did you prepare for the event?

This event was originally planned for 2020, but we were unable to do it due to permissions. Behind the scenes, there was a core group of the Wolfpack supporting Nick and Delphine to make sure everything was covered. Each person had an assigned role, from Race Director to Family Liason, Marketing, F&B and many more. And without the support of the local community and sponsors, it wouldn’t have been possible.

What would you advise anyone who would like to become part of the team?

#anythingispossible, never be afraid to try, and you will surprise yourself!

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