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Your trusted partner on your journey to optimising your buildings and driving sustainability
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Facilities Management
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Energy & Assets
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Technology & Innovation

R&D Facility

Hosting a team of back- and front-end developers & data analysts based in our Europe HQ.

Proprietary Software

We don’t use 3rd parties. IREPort allows you centralise your processes and increase visibility.


Our smart sensors and virtual meters deliver a constant stream of hyper-accurate information.

We take pride in our exceptional technological development & capability.

We recognise that the future of facility & asset efficacy lies in data. Collecting, cleansing and understanding of Big data creates a lot of opportunities.


IREP’s own proprietary Facilities Management data platform. Offering you data transparency and visibility, all centralised in one place.



Making sustainability accessible, achievable and affordable for all with IREP’s revolutionary online tool. Designed for businesses of all sizes.

IREP’s Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability starts with each one of us. This is why, here at IREP, we are dedicated to helping our clients become more sustainable, whilst operating sustainably ourselves.

From the start, IREP has been designed according to a ‘green circular business model’: offering as much value as we can, whilst causing the least amount of social and environmental cost possible.

Each individual service line has sustainability built in, so no matter the type of work we are doing, we are striving to reduce impact on the world. Our data driven approach has drastically lowered client emissions time and time again, no matter their location or chosen service.

Energy saving

Learn how to optimise your energy usage over the whole lifecycle​​

Let’s talk

Whether you need someone to optimise your buildings’ performance or help you meet your sustainability targets, we’re here to talk.