Hard & Soft Technical Services

Keep your business ticking with our technical services

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A business and its facilities need technical services to operate smoothly. Quick, efficient, and cost-effective teams make a building an asset, not a hindrance. We allow your facilities to work for you, supporting you in your business goals. We cover the entire spectrum, from hard to soft. The list includes:

Hard Technical Services

Electrical maintenance
Mechanical maintenance
Lift Maintenance
Fire and Safety
Pest Control Water Tank Cleaning
CCTV & Gate Barriers
Energy and Waste Management
Building Management Systems
Supply and Installation of HVAC
Planned and Reactive Maintenance of all MEP Systems

Specialists in the GCC

We are a global company, but our home is the GCC. Naturally, this affords us detailed knowledge of the local challenges & markets within the region. Each market has unique legal and geographical difficulties that need to be accounted for. Also, the logistics required to run a successful property portfolio are often comprehensive. A regional expert, with a record of success, is a must.

Legal context knowledge
Geographical & climatic familiarity
Regional logistics specialists

Soft Technical Services

Front desk
Mail room
This entire offering is centralised under one umbrella: IREP technical services. A reliable, accountable, and incredibly efficient system of maintenance, we make sure your portfolio continues to run smoothly. With only ever one number to call — no matter the technical problem — we save time, cost, and stress.

Annie McMonagle

Head of Technical Services

For all technical service solutions, Annie McMonagle is your senior point of contact. An expert in the GCC region, she can ensure that your facilities & business are running smoothly.

Get in contact with Annie here.