Where we are

Situated in 49 cities and 6 geographical regions, we operate throughout the world. Whether your project needs are global, regional, or local, we are perfectly placed to meet them.

Middle East

Home to our headquarters, and at the centre of our global network, the Middle East is a vital region for IREP. A vibrant hub with many stakeholders looking to build for the future, we could not be better placed.

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North America

Home to the biggest economy in the world, the North American region is a behemoth. With considerable expansion planned in the next 5 years, IREP will only increase its presence.

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Latin America

An incredibly exciting region with a plethora of emerging markets. IREP is well-situated to meet the asset needs of those looking to do business here.

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Europe & Africa

A region with both established and fast-developing economies. Whether it be stability of the UK, or the dynamism of Nigerian & Moroccan markets, IREP is up to the challenge.

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A strong area for our operations, we are currently based in 10 Asian countries. From Pakistan to Singapore, we have the whole region covered.

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With offices in both Australia & New Zealand, IREP has a long record of operations in two of the strongest Asia-Pacific economies.

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