David Carey

Head of Facilities Management Consultancy in KSA

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a key region for IREP: governmental giga-projects and a modern, expanding built environment means IREP will be a key provider of consulting expertise and property services in the region.

David Carey is the Head of Facilities Management Consultancy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) for IREP.

His role is to develop IREP’s business within this exciting country. He sources new opportunities and potential partnerships, and is often oversees many of the transformation projects that he enables. David joined IREP full-time in September of 2021, yet he has worked with IREP for over a decade. He has delivered a range of consulting projects and tender bids.

David began his professional career as a Royal Navy officer, specialising in underwater warfare, bomb disposal and combat diving. His military and commercial experience spans over four decades of maintaining and operating complex platforms, property infrastructure and ERP systems around the world. He has now been based in the Middle East for 12 years. His professional development centers mainly around activities with the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management, chairing the UAE Region Committee, plus taking part in the BIM and CRM Working Groups, and he’s also part of the ISO 41016 TC 267 development team.

In his spare time, David is focused on completing his PhD research on Digitalisation in FM. His passion is offshore sailing and racing, often spending his summers island-hopping around the Mediterranean Sea. He combines his time at sea with his pursuit for creating the ultimate bouillabaisse fish soup and diving to catch the ingredients.

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